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Welcome to Readings with CJ at Journeys!

WHAT IF . . . ?

You remember who you really are, and your experience of possibilities for yourself and the world expand.

You can communicate with loved ones who have passed over and receive messages from them.

You can receive support, inspiration, and clarity from the spirit world.

You are not alone and never were, and can know your connections.

You can gain clarity about directions in every aspect of life.

You can experience forgiveness for yourself and others.

You can know peace.

YOU CAN experience all of the above and more, and CJ, as a spiritual liaison, can help!

Readings with CJ:

Readings with CJ can provide you with clarity, resolution, validation, direction, inspiration, and peace.  Each reading is different, but all are positive and helpful.  Sometimes you’ll receive information which is new to you and other times a good reading will be hearing things you already knew – at least on some level, if you didn’t consciously know.  CJ’s readings can help you move past limiting or stuck points, into abundance and freedom!

CJ offers phone readings & in-person readings in Tacoma & Olympia, WA .  In addition to private individual readings, CJ provides readings for couples, families or friends, parties or events, and other groups.

To learn more about CJ and her Readings, see testimonials on the What People Say page and much more info on the About CJ & FAQs page .

In addition to Readings, CJ facilitates workshops, rituals, ceremonies, cleansings and blessings, as well as spiritual life coaching & mentoring. For upcoming events, see the Events page.

Contact: cj@journeysspiritualsupport.com or 360-402-2025


rainbow-triangle Journeys is LGBTQ friendly & safe for ALL.